Interesting Riddles 26

      1. Why are watch-dogs bigger by night than by day?
      2. When are two apples alike?
      3. Why is there never anybody at home in a convent?
      4. Why is the letter "k" like a pig's tail?
      5. Which room has no walls?
      6. Why are teeth like verbs?
      7. When is a door not a door?
      8. What hospital tool stands for No. 4?
      9. What thing is it that is lower with a head than without one?
      10. When is the clock on the stairs dangerous?
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                                        1. Because they are let out at night and taken in in the morning.
                                        2. When pared.
                                        3. Because it is an (n)uninhabited place.
                                        4. Because it comes at the end of pork.
                                        5. A mushroom
                                        6. Because they are regular, irregular, and defective.
                                        7. When it is a jar (ajar)
                                        8. IV.
                                        9. A pillow.
                                        10. When it runs down.

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