World Hindi Day - January 10


Viswa Hindi Divas or World Hindi Day is celebrated on January 10th every year to promote the Hindi language and its usage worldwide. The day also marks the anniversary of the first time that Hindi was spoken in the United Nations General Assembly in 1949.

First World Hindi Day was celebrated in 2006. On this day various events are organized to celebrate the language and its literature. 

First World Hindi Conference

First World Hindi Conference was held on January 10, 1975, in the Nagpur, Maharashtra, and was inaugurated by the Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. The conference held to promote and spread the Hindi language and its culture worldwide. The 12th World Hindi Conference held at Fiji from 15 to 17 february 2023. The main Theme of the conference is "Hindi-Traditional Knowledge to Artificial Intelligence".

Some Interesting Facts about Hindi Language:

  • Hindi is the third most widely spoken language in the world after Mandarian Chinese and English
  • The script of Hindi - Devanagari script
  • The Hindi language is free from the usage of articles
  • on 14th September 1949 Hindi was adopted Official Language of the Union of India. Later in 1950, The constitution Of India declared Hindi in the Devanagari script as the Official Language of India
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