Interesting Riddles 27

      1. Which is the best day for making a pancake?
      2. Why is C like a schoolmistress?
      3. Why are fowls the most economical things a farmer can keep?
      4. Which is the only way that a leopard can change his spots?
      5. A cowboy rode into a town on Friday. He stayed there for three days and then rode out on Friday. How?
      6. Why were gloves never meant to sell?
      7. What has one eye but can’t see anything at all?
      8. Why should a man always wear a watch when he travels in a waterless desert?
      9. What do you sit on, sleep on, and brush your teeth with?
      10. Spell "enemy" in three letters?
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                                        1. Friday.
                                        2. Because it forms lasses into classes.
                                        3. Because for every grain they give a peck.
                                        4. By going from one spot to another.
                                        5. Friday was his horse
                                        6. Because they were made to be kept on hand.
                                        7. A needle
                                        8. Because every watch has a 'spring' in it.
                                        9. You sit on a chair, sleep on a bed and brush with a toothbrush
                                        10. F O E (foe)

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