Kisan Divas or Farmer’s Day - 23 December

Kisan Diwas or Farmer's Day is observed n 23 December in India. It is the birthday of Choudhary Charan Singh, the 5th Prime Minister of India who was a farmer's leader. He introduced many policies to improve the lives of the Indian farmers and is often referred to as  'champion of India's peasants.'

Kisan Diwas is a day to remember the role of Indian farmers in the development of our nation.

Choudhary Charan Singh

 Choudhary Charan Singh served as the 5th Prime Minister of India from 28 July 1979 to 14 January 1980. He always stood and fought for the farmers.

As the agriculture minister, in 1952, Charan Singh worked for abolishing the zamindari system (Zamindari Abolition Act) and in 1953, he got the Consolidation of Holdings Act passed. 

His birthday on 23 December is celebrated as Kisan Diwas in India. A commemorative postage stamp was issued by the government of India on the third death anniversary (29 May 1990) of Charan Singh.

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