World Rhino Day is celebrated on September 22 every year to create awareness about the different kinds of Rhinoceros species as well as the dangers they face. According to, the day celebrates all five species of rhino: Black, white, greater one-horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos

World Rhino Day was first announced by WWF-South Africa in 2010. In 2011, a woman named Lisa Jane Campbell fired off an email to Rhishja, a fellow lover of rhinos who wanted to see the five species of rhinos in the world continue to thrive and be there for future generations to enjoy. With hard work and dedication, Lisa and Rhishja made it an international success across the globe. Henceforth, World Rhino Day has become a global observation and has been observed so far.

Why do we celebrate Rhino Day?

Earlier on our planet, there used to be many species of Rhinos. They roamed around in Europe, Asia, and Africa. There only five species of Rhino left on Earth. These include two African rhino species - black and white rhinos. The remaining three are Asian rhino species, which include greater one–horned, Sumatran and Javan rhinos. Three species of rhino—black, Javan, and Sumatran—are critically endangered. . And it has been observed that rhino populations have been drastically falling in recent years, making them an endangered species that is now at risk of going extinct.  Persistent poaching and habitat loss over many decades are the main reasons for this.

World Rhino Day provides an opportunity to all of the N.G.O.s, zoos, wildlife conservation centers, research centers, and concerned individuals to unite and seek new ways to eliminate poaching practices and preserve certain extremely endangered rhinoceros species from total extinction from our world. 

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