World Civil Defense Day -1 March

World Civil Defence day is celebrated every year on 1st of March to bring the attention of the world public to the importance of civil protection and to pay tribute to the efforts, sacrifice and accomplishments of all the services responsible to fight against disasters.  The International Civil Defense Organization (ICDO) decide to celebrate this day in 1990.

The theme of the Day
The theme of world civil defence day 2023 is “civil defence and management of displaced population in face of disaster and crises; the role of volunteers and the fight against pandemics”.

History of the day 
Civil Defence was officially inaugurated by the international civil defence organization in 2012.
March 1st was chosen to commemorate the anniversary of the day on which the constitution of the international civil defence organization(ICDO)  came into force. 
The Constitution of the (ICDO)  was adopted on 17 October 1966. came into force on 1st march 1972. It attributes the status of the intergovernmental organization to the ICDO (United Nations,  treaty series, volume 985 registration No 14376) . 

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