Interesting Riddles 32

      1. Why is a wise man like a pin?
      2. Who was the first whistler?
      3.  Why is a city in Ireland likely to be the largest city in the world?
      4. Forwards I’m heavy but backwards I’m not. What am I?
      5. Why is it dangerous to sleep in a train?
      6. What relation is a doormat to a door?
      7. What is the difference between a schoolmaster and an engine driver?
      8. Why did William Tell shudder when he shot the apple from his son's head?
      9. Why is a pig in a parlor like a house on fire?
      10. What pudding makes the best baseball player?
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                                        1. He has a head and comes to a point.
                                        2. The wind.
                                        3. Because each year it is Dublin (doubling).
                                        4. A ton
                                        5. Because every train runs over all the sleepers on the line.
                                        6. Step-fa(r)ther.
                                        7. One minds the train and the other trains the mind.
                                        8. Because it was an arrow escape for his child.
                                        9. Because the sooner it is put out the better.
                                        10. A good batter.

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