Interesting Riddles 33

      1. Why need a traveler never starve in the desert?
      2. Which is easier to spell—fiddle-de-dee or fiddle-de-dum?
      3. What can you actually find at the end of a rainbow?
      4. I have all the knowledge you have. But I’m so small, you can hold me in your fist. What am I?
      5. What animal took the most luggage into the Ark, and which two took the least?
      6. Which bird can lift the heaviest weights?
      7. Why is a dog biting his tail a good manager?
      8. Why are deaf people like Dutch cheeses?
      9. How can a girl go 25 days without sleep?
      10. When are we all artists?
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                                        1. Because of the sandwiches (sand which is) there.
                                        2. Fiddle-de-dee, because it is spelt with more "e's." (ease)
                                        3. The letter W
                                        4. Your brain
                                        5. The elephant, who took his trunk, while the fox and the cock had only a brush and a comb between them.
                                        6. The crane.
                                        7. Because he makes both ends meet.
                                        8. Because you can't make them here.
                                        9. She sleeps at night
                                        10. When we draw a long face.

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